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“New” Release: Bear Food / People Food

In addition to creating a wildly unsuccessful podcast Bear Friend Tea Party, Flowers of Disgust continue operate as a highly influential and prolific noise pop band, cranking out album after album of hit “songs”.

Officially “released” in 2012, Bear Food / pooℲ ǝldoǝԀ (pronounced “Bear Food People Food”) saw a very limited initial run of 0 copies. While dedicated fans have (presumably) been exchanging incomplete bootleg recordings of this album for years, an official recording has been nearly impossible to find. Until Now! In April of 2015 Flowers of Disgust decided to make a digital version of this excellent and little-heard album available on our bandcamp page.

Bear Food / pooℲ ǝldoǝԀ represents the culmination of almost a decade of blablabla fuck it, here’s the goddamn album. It’s one of our best!