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00040 Permanent Grind: The Proverbial Bathtub of Theseus


  1. Nagging Question: Can You Really Make a Boat out of an Old Bathtub??​​
  2. Flowers of Disgust Ethics Panel: Duck Tales, Allowance Day (1989) wherein Scrooge’s nephews trick him into thinking it’s a day later than it really is, so he will give them their allowance money early, before a certain bicycle sale ends, but the plot backfires after Scrooge’s vast influence among the finance sector causes a ripple effect in which everyone in town becomes convinced it’s a day later – including the bike store! SEGMENT POSTPONED
  3. How Many Bills Can We Name?
  4. Serious Discussion: Is American Democracy Doomed? A Serious Discussion of Matthew Yglesias’ American Democracy Is Doomed (Vox Magazine, 2015)


  • Miniskirt
  • Comin’ Home Baby
  • Shineth Not the Sun

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